We have enrolled talented scientists from top-level institutions to guide our doctoral candidates. In addition to their academic merits and excellent track records, our supervisors are experienced in guiding PhD students towards successful graduation and a future career in academia or the private sector.

Mike Boxem

Professor of Cellular and Systems Developmental Biology

  • DC1 & DC2 Supervisor with Lukas Kapitein

  • Utrecht University (Netherlands), Faculty of Science, Department of Biology

Lukas Kapitein

Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biophysics

  • DC2 Supervisor with Mike Boxem
  • Utrecht University (Netherlands), Faculty of Science, Department of Biology

Grégoire Michaux


  • DC5 and DC9 Supervisor

  • Université de Rennes (France), Institute Genetics & Development of Rennes (IGDR)

Thaher Pelaseyed

PhD, PI (assistant professor)

  • DC7 Supervisor

  • University of Gothenburg (Sweden), Institute of Biomedicine, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Fernando Martín-Belmonte

Principal Investigator, Científico Titular del CSIC

  • DC4 and DC10 Supervisor
  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Centro de Biología Molecular Severo Ochoa (CBMSO), Department of Developmental Biology and Differentiation

Martin Knight

Professor of Mechanobiology

  • DC11 Supervisor
  • Queen Mary University of London (UK), Faculty of Science and Engineering, School of Engineering and Materials Science

Silvia Mihăilă

PhD, group leader

  • DC3 Supervisor
  • Utrecht University (Netherlands), Faculty of Science, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Daniela Pacheco


  • DC8 Supervisor

  • Bac3gel (Portugal)

Mikael Sellin

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor

Daniel St Johnston

Professor of Developmental Genetics

  • DC12 Supervisor
  • University of Cambridge (UK), The Gurdon Institute