Doctoral Candidates

We are looking to recruit 12 Doctoral Candidates (DCs) who will engage in individual research projects focused on major organ systems and on improving our understanding of multiple epithelial diseases.

  • Project 1

    Identification and characterization of terminal web and brush border components in C. elegans

  • Project 2

    Nanoscale imaging of the apical exchange surface

  • Project 3

    In vitro polarization of the proximal tubule: functional implications in health and disease

  • Project 4

    Mechanics, metabolism, and inflammation in lysosome-rich epithelial cells (LREs) in homeostasis and disease

  • Project 5

    Microvillus blunting and regeneration in pathological contexts in vivo

  • Project 6

    Real-time studies of ApECM barrier protection against gut bacterial attack

  • Project 7

    Mapping the selective barrier properties of cell-attached and shed glycocalyx in human and mouse intestine

  • Project 8

    Recreating human gut microbiota in intestinal mucus models to study infection dynamics

  • Project 9

    Functional characterization of novel components of C. elegans microvilli

  • Project 10

    Role of actin branching in in healthy and tumor-derived epithelial cells using human-derived organoids

  • Project 11

    Mechanical, inflammatory, and pharmaceutical regulation of cell polarity and the role of primary cilia in a human kidney-organ chip model

  • Project 12

    Mechanisms of apical domain formation in the Drosophila intestine